Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Quizzes Online

I made these two quizzes way back in 2002, previously hosted in my various other domains and sites. The Lord of the Rings one was particularly popular and was responsible for making my older collective domain,, gain a lot of hits as well as "blog authority."

These web tests are now available again at my newly-acquired domain, ShiNU, in the Quizzes page: Which Lord of the Rings Elf Are You? and Which Fushigi Yuugi Seishi Are You?

Below are my own results and what-not to the aforementioned quizzes:

I am Haldir!
I am Haldir, a guardian of the Golden Wood. I guided the Fellowship through Lothlorien and gave Samwise Gamgee his rope, but the latter I wasn't able to do onscreen. In the movie, I'm played by Craig Parker.
|| Which Lord of the Rings Elf are you? @ The Honor and Blood Network ||

I am Genbu seishi!
Which Fushigi Yuugi Seishi are you? @ The Honor and Blood Network

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